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ReadyRefills for Prescriptions filled at Campus Health Pharmacy
  • You need your prescription number (RX# at top left corner of prescription label), to use the online ReadyRefills service. If you do not know your prescription number, call our telephone refill service at 919.966.6554.
  • The ReadyRefills service defaults to a one month supply. If you want more than a one month's supply, call our telephone refill service at 919.966.6554. Listen carefully to the instructions. You will be prompted to leave a voice message requesting the quantity you want.
  • Refills not picked up within 6 days will be returned to stock.
  • For refills of prescriptions not filled at Campus Health Pharmacy, call the pharmacy where the prescription was filled. If you wish to have your prescription transferred to Campus Health Pharmacy, call 919-966-6554.
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1) Patient Date of Birth*
Enter your date of birth with a 4-digit year. Example: mm/dd/yyyy
2) Prescription Information*
Enter the prescription number(s) (RX# located on top left of prescription label).
Prescription Number
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3 6
3) Patient Phone Number*
Enter a phone number,including area code, so our pharmacist can contact you if there is a problem with this order. Example:xxx-xxx-xxxx

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